I’m not in Oklahoma. Do I have to come there to sell my OKC property?

The answer is no!  You don’t have to come back here to sell us your house.

One of the most common situations we deal with is when people have a property here in the Oklahoma City area, but they are not.  Whether it’s an inheritance, a rental property,  your former home before you moved, or something else, lots of people own property but live far, far away.

If you have a way to let us see the house, that definitely makes things easier.  Often it may be a neighbor, tenant, handyman, or friend who can let us see in the inside.  Maybe you just want to mail us a copy of the key to let us take a peek.  I’ve even sweet-talked a squatter to let me in to view a property!  If there’s flatly no way inside, we can still make you an offer just going off what the exterior looks like, but you’ll get a better price if we can get inside to check it out, since we have to imagine a worst-case scenario.

Once we agree on a price, it’s even easier.  We’ll sign everything electronically, or if you don’t have easy access to a computer and email address, FedEx works great, too.  After the contract is signed, the title company handles things from there.  You’ll just need to sign the deed and other paperwork where you are, whether that’s with a notary or at a local title company.  After that, it’s sent back to the
title company, we sign our papers and bring the cash, and you’re done!

There’s no need for distance to stop you if you’re wanting to sell!  Like every case, we make it as easy as possible for our sellers and close on your time frame.

Call us today to gain some cash in your pocket and get rid of that property you’ve almost forgotten about!



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