Selling a Vacant House Fast

I Own a Vacant House and I Want to Sell It Has your home been sitting vacant for months, without even potential buyers viewing the property? Realtors say that it is really challenging to sell a vacant house fast because it needs to be insured, maintained, staged and secured against vandals and squatters. That means … Continued


How to Profit from Fire Damaged Homes

Sirens are blaring and the firetrucks are racing to save your burning home. When the fire has been put out and you inspect the damage, you feel down and disheartened because it’s extensive. Fire damaged property has structure damage, which can be readily seen upon regular inspection. Depending on the extent of damage, you will … Continued


Behind on Payments?

Behind on payments? Sometimes, life happens and nothing goes according to plan. You lose your job or you get buried in some unexpected bills. You become behind on your mortgage payments and if you don’t act fast, you might foreclosure and a stain in your credit score. Regardless of your reason, you should be aware … Continued

Who Gets the House – Divorce?

When couples are no longer in love, they may decide to end their marriage – file a divorce. Unfortunately, that does not end the mortgage payments too. In the eyes of your mortgage lender, your marital status will not change. You still have your mortgage to pay. About ten to fifteen years ago, it’s easy … Continued

Downsizing?  Sell your Oklahoma Home Fast for a New Home.

You may be considering downsizing to a smaller home for any number of reason Relocation Retirement Save money – to reduce mortgage or annual bills Death of a loved one Need a more manageable property Your children may have moved out already to their new homes., you may be sick of cleaning all the time, … Continued

Selling an Inherited House

Have you inherited a house? Some find inheriting a home from a loved emotionally and financially stressful. Inheriting a home can be more challenging than most people realize. If the inherited house was financed, the heir must continue to make payments every month or risk losing the home to foreclosure. Some properties must go through … Continued

Relocating – Sell Your House fast

Relocating and needing to sell your house fast? There are many reasons why people decide on relocation, some of the reasons includes relocating for new job, moving to be closer to family or even heading to live out of the county. One of the most stressful to endure when you’re relocating is trying to sell … Continued

Are you going through Divorce?

Are you going through divorce? Need to Sell Your House Fast? We Buy Houses in Oklahoma Area!     Going through divorce is not something that anyone gets excited. It is tough itself it often leads to tensions, arguments, frustration and confusion, but selling a house during divorce just adds to the stress. You must … Continued

How to Avoid Foreclosure

If you are facing possible foreclosure and need ways to avoid foreclosure. Selling your Oklahoma house fast is your solution to avoid foreclosure. This will prevent serious damage to your credit which may hinder the prospect of getting future mortgage financing and other credit for which you may apply. Avoid this potential embarrassing and debilitating … Continued