Do we buy houses with tenants already in them?  YES!


We know that being a landlord is not for everyone, or maybe you just are tired of that particular house.  It can be difficult to sell a house that’s already leased, since legally a tenant needs a minimum of 24 hours notice before a potential buyer can see it.  This hassle makes a lot of potential buyers not even bother to look at it.  Plus you’re removing anyone who wants to actually live in the house themselves from being interested in buying it.  Leased houses are definitely not known to bring in top dollar when their listed, plus you’re going to be out the realtor commissions as well when your property does finally sell.  Luckily for you, we buy houses with tenants in them all the time!

A big part of our business is rental property.  We LOVE rentals, and having a tenant already in your house is no big deal to us.  We’ll still need to see the property, but at least you’d only have to bother your tenant one time, not every day or two. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your tenant getting worried or annoyed and deciding to just move out and break their lease.  We simply ask to see your lease to make sure it will work for us, and your tenant can stay in the house like nothing ever happened!

If you’re ready to sell your rental property (Not just houses–we like commercial property too!), please give us a call or contact us through our website.  We’d love to make you an offer, and like always, we’ll make it as easy as can be to sell!